Monday, November 15, 2010

Hurry up and Wait!

Friends and Family,

Many of you have called, emailed, written, texted, tweeted, and sent smoke signals about your desire to see an update to our blog. Well, not really all of those things, but the point is that you want to know what is happening!  I have been holding out in the hopes of having a bunch of new details to share with you. However, the truth is that not a lot is going on in the way of logistical changes in regards to the church planting. The good news is that although the physical movement has slowed the Spiritual movement has not. God continues to confirm and press upon our heart the calling to church planting.

What started off as a shoreline experience of Jesus calling out to us to immediately, "Leave your nets and follow me", has now been transformed into a calm and quiet voice encouraging us to "Be still and wait on the Lord". The emphasis has now shifted from the urgency to step out in faith and get our feet moving, to being still and patient for God to work in His timing, not ours.

To me, this waiting part may be more challenging than the first part of stepping out in radical obedience to the call. By nature I'm a "go-getter". Once I get my mind made up to do something and I waste no time in getting it done. While in many aspects of life this can be a desirable trait, in ministry this can be a detrimental set back when we become reliant in ourselves or when we get ahead of God.

Isn't it cool that both of these scenarios, moving and waiting, each require a stretching of faith? God is using this time to mature, teach, and prepare our family for ministry. Today I found a verse that brings me a great peace in my restlessness:  I Thessalonians 5:24, "Faithful is He who called you and He will bring it to pass." This verse confirms that we don't have to do anything else other than obey the call. HE will bring it to pass. HE will provide. And, HE will open and close the doors at just the right time in order that His work be done. Boy, does that take the pressure off!

Of course we are still doing the responsible things to get prepared and equipped for the work ahead. These are the things we can use your specific prayers for. Before I list our prayer requests, let me quickly recap where we are in the process of moving into church planting.

We (the Harmons) feel that our calling is to come along side the Scott family to share in vision and support of their calling to planting a church.  Because God has placed a specific calling and vision upon Pastor Chuck, we (the Harmons) feel that our role as servants is to follow the lead. Pastor Chuck has been very open to our thoughts and input and so far God has confirmed the calling through a matching of Spiritual desire and discernment in both of our families. What we now know is that we are being called to plant a church in the Northwood section of Gainesville, Florida. We are in constant prayer for this to come about. We are still seeking a denominational partnership with a Gainesville based church or organization and there are a couple of things in motion for that to happen. Chuck and I are scheduled to attend Church Planting training in April and are seeking an ongoing network of friends and mentors.

Prayer requests:

The sale of our home here in Chiefland. We can't start an effective ministry until we can break ties here, and get moved over into the community in Gainesville. This is a 3BD/ 2 BA brick home on 1.5 acres. 4th room can be used as office or 4th bedroom. $155,000

- Relationships. 1.) We need to be surrounded by people who can pray and share in our vision. Mentors, partners, and friends. 2.) We are starting to look for folks in the Gainesville area in which we can start praying about ministering to. Just as God has revealed the calling and the area, we believe God will soon start showing specifically who we are to be reaching out to.

- Specific calling. Pastor Chuck knows his calling. He knows he is called to preach and now plant a church. My specific calling has not yet been revealed. I have some interests and gifts in a couple of different areas, administration, missions, media & creative, and perhaps counseling. I am currently praying about whether any of these areas may be a specific area that God desires me to hone in on. I am also praying about the possibility of being calling to ministry as a vocation. I am also encouraging Maria and the kids to seek their gifts and what areas God may have them work in.

Thank you all for your support and prayers. I'll try to be a little more prompt in posting future updates.


-The Harmons